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Over the last 50 years, we've performed root cause analysis training for thousands of reliability teams around the world.

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Our PROACT® RCA Methodology

Since its inception in the mid-80’s, our PROACT® methodology has helped hundreds of companies do tens of thousands of successful RCAs, resulting in large financial returns for the business. PROACT® is a robust Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process that can drive incredible business results for your company. 

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Root Cause Analysis 101

EasyRCA Methods

Introduce your team members to root cause analysis

You will learn how to conduct a fact-supported, problem-solving investigation. This is more than simply writing a report that explains how a problem occurred. We will take you through the 5-Why process as a process to uncover causes which allowed the problem to occur. Even more useful with a free trial to EasyRCA


Root Cause Analysis 201

Basic Failure Analysis

Enable team members to conduct regular basic failure analysis

While not every incident requires a full RCA, all chronic failures need to be investigated and addressed. RCA 201 enables front line employees and supervision to eliminate recurring problems and chronic failures that can add up to significant production losses and maintenance costs.


Root Cause Analysis 301

PROACT® RCA Certification Training

Equip your team to conduct expert, high value root cause analysis

For over 50 years, PROACT® RCA Logic Tree and FMEA analysis has been the gold standard in capturing ROI with RCA. PROACT® RCA Certification Training will provide your team with a deep expertise in leveraging PROACT® methods to maximize the value of your reliability program.

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Root Cause Analysis 401

Train Your Trainers

Make your in-house experts the go to RCA trainers

After your best reliability team members are experts in PROACT® root cause analysis, it's time for them to become the in-house trainers as your team grows. During this 4 day course, we'll help you train your trainers, equipping them with the necessary skills to train on RCA 101, 201, and 301.

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