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PROACT® RCA Training Method: Industry & Healthcare

A Comprehensive system That Defines Investigations, Develops Strategies & Solves Problems.

Reliability Center's PROACT® RCA training system is the leading methodology designed as a systematic approach to solving failures or prevention of risk. PROACT® RCA provides analysts and supporting team members the analytical skills needed for defining investigations, uncovering all of the root causes to problems and developing corrective action plans. Empower your workforce to improve safety, quality and production by learning the PROACT® RCA Methods. Upon completion of this course, students have the skill sets needed to complete a thorough and fact-driven Root Cause Analysis. With or without our PROACT software, your organization can learn the leading RCA Training Method that truly Solves Problems.

Benefits & Features:

Learn from years of experience how to:
  • Develop your team structure.
  • Use interview techniques and collection strategies.
  • Generate assignments and verification logs.
  • Understand the logic/fault tree process and creation.
  • Present your findings and final RCA.
  • Bonus:  Instructors remain available for mentoring and future help!

Merely uncovering factual root causes does not solve the failure or prove the risk. Unless recommendations and corrective actions are appropriate, approved and implemented, the problems will continue to exist. Just like a lawyer who must present a solid case, this is also true for Industry and Healthcare management. The analysis effort and results must provide analysts the necessary data that will allow funding to be secured to implement their recommendations. The PROACT® RCA Training Method ensures just that.

Certified veteran instructors with real world examples
  • Covering Failure Modes & Effects, Opportunity Analysis and RCA.
  • Dynamic learning from successfully completed RCAs.
  • Multimedia presentations & Hands-on projects.
  • Fully detailed course book & resources.
  • Free Trial of PROACT® Software.
  • RCA Training With Immediate Results!
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