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Chronic Failure Cost Calculator:

An easy to use calculator to see how much money is spent on Chronic Failures. Learn what is costing you the most then fix the ROOT of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.

ROI: Measuring Returns On Investment RCA Calculator:

This tool will help you determine your costs vs benefits when you're looking to train your staff in Root Cause Analysis.

Vendor Evaluation Calculator:

This tool will help you easily evaluate RCA vendors of your choosing on criteria that matter to you. A quantifiable way of comparing them to each other - Including Reliability Center, Inc.


Assessment Calculator:

Designed to take a snapshot of where a company believes their Root Cause Analyis system is relative to where it could be. Automatically calculate your answers and print a personal 'report card' based on your ratings.

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RCA Error Chart Here

When you are at the Human Root Causes in your preferred RCA methodology, this diagnostic chart can be a quick reference guideline to help your team think of reasons in which good people may have made bad decisions at the time. This list is not all inclusive (and no list ever will be), but it does help to expand a team's ability to 'think out of the box' when it comes to human performance.
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Supporting Articles

Article: Getting to the Root of Chronic Failures- By: Robert J. Latino, CEO, RCI - The right combination of management support, an ideal analysis team and proper application of root cause analysis improves the bottom line.

Article: Applied Industrial Training Pays Off - By: Robert J. Latino, CEO, RCI - Investment in the Classroom Unleashes Creativity in the Field

 Article: How to Select the "RIGHT" Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Vendor.

Article: How Can Vendor's Proact to their Customer's Concerns? - By: Robert J. Latino, CEO, RCI


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    What Our Clients Say

  • "We validated the Logic Tree methodology after learning about it through Bob Latino's article, Root Cause Analysis Versus Shallow Cause Analysis: What's the Difference? The Logic Tree Approach is now our system standard, and we've adopted the PROACT® software as well. Our system goal is to make our RCA's more proactive and to capitalize on the RCA lessons learned to prevent harm across the system. The Reliability Center staff has been very responsive to our training and software needs over the years."

    root cause analysis for healthcare

    David AllisonDirector/Patient Safety - PeaceHealth

  • "We have gotten so much more from our analysis using PROACT. What was usually a long drawn out process has been significantly streamlined. Using the program has been a great educational tool for our organization from the clinical side to hospital information system analysis to maintenance engineering."

    root cause analysis for healthcare

    Anne FloodDirector Risk/Quality - Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar

  • "The PROACT methodology has given us a truly logical, data-driven approach for root cause determination. PROACTOnDemand makes implementation of this methodology seamless across various user groups throughout our organization. The ability to upload supporting documentation for team review is an especially useful feature."

    root cause analysis testimonials

    Matt ArndtSenior Reliability Engineer - Materion Brush Performance Alloys ® Elmore

  • "Using the PROACT Methodology, we identified quite a few issues that perhaps would have remained unidentified with a less robust RCA process."

    root cause analysis for healthcare

    Rafael E. Campo, MDProfessor of Clinical Medicine, University of Miami School of Medicine, Chief Patient Safety and Quality Officer University of Miami Health System

  • "Your work (Reliability Center) has helped Cliffs Natural Resources to learn from their failures. The training and consulting in root cause analysis (RCA) has helped Cliffs pinpoint the underlying reasons for problems and paved the way to develop strategies for improving performance. Your (RCI) efforts have allowed Cliffs to have significant and widespread financial benefits. These efforts have specifically resulted in improved production, increased maintenance precision and improved business focus."

    cliffs Natural Resources

    Paul AndrewsReliability Engineer - Cliffs Natural Resources

  • "I've long known what an RCA is supposed to do, but not how to get there. Using the PROACT software helped to easily apply the RCA discipline to produce analyses that are robust and meaningful. In fact, PROACT helped uncover surprising causes buried in events that I thought I knew everything about"!

    root cause analysis for healthcare

    Mr. Tobias Gilk, M. Arch., President & MRI Safety DirectorMednovus® SAFESCAN®, Leucadia, CA 92024 USA