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HERT - Human Error Reduction Techniques

1 & 2 Day Formats HER and Safety Performance On-site or at Reliability Center

This course is applicable to anyone interested in improving ®Operational Excellence® - First line supervision, craftsman, operators and anyone responsible for reducing human error in the workplace. Extend your processes beyond workplace design and construction. Continue into a management system of reliability developing training policies and procedural development with standardization of operating procedures.

More  than 8000 supervisors have benefited from taking this course!

Students Will Learn:

28 Types of human errors
10 Human error traps
10 Skills to reduce human errors
Field Surveillance
Standards reinforcement
Review and verification
Pre-Job briefing
Complacency mitigation
Problem solving
Command & control
Communication and coordination
Crew turnover
Skill based error reduction techniques
Distraction management
Time pressure management
Rule based error reduction techniques
Feedback and reinforcement
Communication error reduction
Knowledge based error reduction
Over-confidence avoidance
Interactive review & verification

When the concepts of this class are fully utilized safety incidents are decreased and reliability is improved through longer runs without incident. RCI's HERT course can achieve understanding the sources of error, predict when errors may occur, and which errors lead to a company's most negative outcome. The results will maintain productivity, quality and the safety of your staff. Though Human error is inevitable the understanding of the sources most likely to produce injury, damage or reduction in quality can be analyzed to reduce these undesirable events. RCI will guide you into developing strategies for reducing errors and implement safeguards to correct negative outcomes.