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PROACT FSI® - Failure Scene Investigation Training

3 Day Workshop On-site or at Reliability Center

This course is applicable to field, technical and engineering personnel who are primarily responsible for determining the causes of equipment, process and human failures, or for providing input on failed parts and general data collection when failure occurs. For those who will be expected to perform RCA in the field. Because of the nature of the content, it is recommended that attendees have an appreciation for the use of computers in engineering applications and an engineering background or equivalent experience.

This comprehensive 3 day hands-on workshop in analysis verification techniques provides the participants with the skills and knowledge to strategically obtain and interpret the data necessary to solve failure by demonstrating how different analytical tools are used to prove or disprove hypotheses.

More  than 8000 supervisors have benefited from taking this course!

Students Will Learn:

  • Develop thorough and accurate data collection strategies
  • The order and pattern that lead to failure.
  • Identify the process used for structured problem solving.
  • Use verification techniques to prepare for Root Cause Analysis.
  • Determine the root causes of failure using the logic tree.
  • Develop a customized final report that includes the investigation findings..

  • Major topics included in this course:
    • NDT Techniques
    • Tribology
    • Fractology
    • Corrosion Types and Mechanisms
    • Human Performance
    • Developing Data Collection Strategies
    • Verification Techniques