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FMEA - OA / Risk Management Training

2 Day Schedule Formatted for Industry or Healthcare

This course is recommended for persons who will be expected to find opportunities for improvement and make decisions on how to best take advantage of those opportunities. This course also will benefit those who are responsible for implementing recommendations and how available resources will be best utilized. FMEA/OA is for quality, risk, safety, production, maintenance and business issues. Organize your analyses and drill down to find the ones that are costing you valuable revenue.

Benefits & Features:

  • Students Will Learn:
  • Justification tools and techniques for prioritizing "hot spots".
  • How to define "loss" such as time, materials, and human resources.
  • How to use probabilistic data (FMEA) to project priorities and subjective severities for criticality and impact.
  • Use basic FMEA to identify what COULD go wrong in any process using applied values.
  • How to use historical data (Opportunity Analysis) to determine the 20% or less of events that cost 80% of losses or risk.
  • How to use OA to assess what DID go wrong and measure future impacts.
  • Learn how to qualify events that are the best candidates for Root Cause Analysis by using justification techniques

Unleash  your investigative powers using PROACT® Root Cause Analysis. Once you have determined your most significant and costly losses/risks then start identifying, solving and eliminating the failures that are impacting your bottom-line.

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