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BFA - Basic Failure Analysis + Train The Trainer

3 - 5 Day Scheduled Workshops (per enrolled students) On-site or at Reliability Center

Basic Failure Analysis (BFA) is intended to provide facility personnel the requisite skills and knowledge to eliminate the problems and chronic failures that they are experiencing everyday on the job. Attendees are provided instruction on a unique 4-step process that guides them through the technique of solving chronic problems down to their root cause(s) using real world examples. In addition, BFA details guidelines for the support mechanisms necessary to implement countermeasures to identified root causes.

Course Outline:

  • Because of its modular design, BFA exercises utilize examples of the different types of failures that exists at various organizations (safety, maintenance, environmental, administrative, process, operational, etc.). This enables BFA to be tailored to meet the specific needs of company facilities and operations

  • This BFA Train-the-Trainer workshop is designed to teach the student how to deliver the BFA (1 day) workshop to others at their organization. The BFA Train-the-Trainer workshop is a 5 day* intense workshop. On the first day the RCI instructor will teach the 1 day workshop to the TTT student. The other days the student will be trained on the techniques for delivering the 1 day workshop to to co-workers in their own facility. The RCI instructor will observe and mentor them while they learn to teach the BFA course. The RCI instructor will offer guidance and tips to ensure their students are successful in presenting the course material.
Learn How To:
  • Deliver the BFA training to students in a 1 day format.
  • Identify different Problem Solving Methods
  • Identify the process used for structured problem solving.
  • Devise a data collection strategy for the analysis effort.
  • LEAP qualifies events that are the best candidates for Root Cause Analysis by using justification techniques
  • Define the elements that comprise a RCA logic tree.
  • Use logic trees to solve chronic problems down to their root cause(s.)
  • Generate countermeasures to eliminate identified root causes of failures.
  • Obtain the required support to implement recommendations that will eliminate failure.