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Reliability Center offers new and different ways of looking at client's operations and problems. And especially, at the people who are most involved. We work to unearth the heart of their problems from systems to human to latent and physical root causes. Helping you to develop recommendations that will have a long term impact. Our Reliability approach has been constantly refined and developed so that today it is applicable to any organization.

RCI has observed that most of our clients have tremendous potential, but that the potential of these organizations is often blocked by a fixed view of how things should be done. Yesterday's ways do not lead to tomorrow's success. Today's business world is changing faster than ever before, competition comes from every direction, communication is worldwide instantaneously...

problems cannot wait for answers. What is often called for is a change in thinking and challenging self limiting mind-sets. RCI is committed to optimizing our client's knowledge management efforts so they can increase profitability and sustain growth.
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  • Tribute to Charles Latino during his Chamber Entrepreneurial Award dinner in 2005:
    "My friend believed that improvements in "uptime" could be made through a more aggressive engineering approach to maintenance. He established a new engineering group, and called it "Reliability Engineering". ~ Bill Salot [Download the PDF]